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From farm to cup, we take pride in every step of our coffee's journey

Buku Sayisa Coffee export plc was established in 2017/18 by 3 brothers. Our company is currently engaged in coffee plantation development in Oromia Regional state of the renowned coffee growing area called Guji Zone, Kercha district, Gurrachu kebele & Hambella Wamena district Buku Sayisa kebele. We are producing green coffee beans and exporting our products to the world market. Further, our company is hugely engaged in directly exporting high quality specialty green coffee for the global market.
Our company is well known in implementing an integrated pest management system to manage an ensured chemical free coffee production. Additionally, we have deployed a highly skilled man power dedicated to trace the overall coffee production line beginning from planting coffee seedlings to the final stage of product delivery


To be one among the leading coffee exporters in Ethiopia and leading agricultural producing,processing and export by providing customer focused high Quality products by using modern production and proceccing method


To promote Ethiopia’s natural green coffee in the global market and further we engage in roasting green beans,grounding and packing process to provide a global markets and bring foreign currency to support our country’s economy.


    Providing good quality coffee for our national and international coffee consumers
    Engaging coffee growing small holder farmers around our plantations and make them to benefit from their produces in a better way


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